Your Questions About Forex Charts

Sandy asks…

forex trading charts?

I am looking for some free software. Like you see on tv displaying all the stock market/forex trading figures. e.g. red and green values flashing all the time. Usually with people around shouting buy buy, sell sell kind of thing.

kenspong answers:

Just sign up for a demo trading account with any forex brokers out there and you can get the charts you wanted.

Betty asks…

Sentiment indicator charts for spot forex ?

Is there any free website on sentiment indicator chart for spot forex trading ?

kenspong answers:

FXCM has several free charting version. Including ADX and stochastic indicators. Dont know exactly what you mean by sentiment but you can try FXCM. I have included a free demo version of FXCM trading platform video clip here. And a free utility Forex trading reality check tracker. Http:// &

Michael asks…

forex: is there a website that offers a “mock”, or back-dated forex chart to practice on during the off…?

… hours, or on the weekends?

for example, it would work and run just like a regular forex chart (like the EUR/USD for example), but it would be taken from a random day in its history and imitate, or move exactly as it did during the actual day it was “created”. fundamental signals aside, this would be beneficial for somebody like me who chooses to rely on technical signals.

so do you know of a site that has this option?

kenspong answers: and many others has a free demo in real time trial , as do many others.
They also offer training courses.
Forex, especially eur/usd is very volatile and confusing now.
Good luck

Donna asks…

what is the best EMA lines in forex chart?

currently i’m using 10 and 20 ema lines in a 5 minutes chart. the result is around 50% correct. is there a better ema lines to get better result?

kenspong answers:

For best indicator for each currency, you have to test the indicator with historycal data.

The result of the test will tell you the best EMA number fit with each time line.

Paul asks…

suggest me some good sites which provide free charts for equity&derivative stocks, forex & bullion?

kenspong answers:

Yahoo finance charts and icharts give free charts

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