Your Questions About Forex Charts

Thomas asks…

Where can I download forex charts in excel format?

kenspong answers:

Check it out from this site. They’ve got lots of tools to choose from. Maybe it can help. Good luck.

Donald asks…

I need a site that will teach me forex and how to read candle charts for free?

I need a site that will educate me on how to trade on forex and Interpret candle chart perfectly.

kenspong answers:

Hi, is an awesome educational site, its completely free, dumbs even the complex stuff down enough that you can easily learn it and makes it fun. Its set out like a school – from kinder to college, going from basic stuff to more complex things. Charts types and interpretation is in kinder, it even has a pop quiz to see what you learnt.
Good Luck!

Steven asks…

Does any one know of a web-based forex platform that has charts with 100 of indicators like a software chart?

I need a forex broker that accepts u.s. clients and I can trade micro lots without hassle. I also need it to be web-based. Is there such a broker

kenspong answers:

I will give you a tip, if you use to many indicators you will fail

Sandra asks…

What Forex money mapping (software) should I use?

I wish to know where is the best place to study forex charts. Which is; what software or platform should I use to start using Forex tools (such as Fibs, averages, lines etc.. ) can anyone suggest me?

Moreover I am searching for a free software I am still a beginner and I don’t want to spend 5000dollars on FX money mapping. I also tried on eToro and ForexTrader Pro but I though someone could suggest me better opinions.

kenspong answers:


If you are someone new to this whole Forex trading things, then it is best for you to get free education first. There are several great sites where you can find these free yet quality trading lessons. Here are some of them;

If you think you already know about the basic and you want to get more like great trading technique, you can always try these sites below;

They are a subscription based education sites for trading currency which I think the best in the industry.

And if currently, you are looking for the best Forex Broker to join with, For me there are several brokers that is good, like the;

Hope this help

Lizzie asks…

How can I see real time charts(stock,forex,futures) in mac?

I would like a program but a website would be ok

Thanks people
People, I’m more interested in futures more than currency

Thank you

kenspong answers: has a good forex screener

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