Your Questions About Forex Charts

John asks…

may i know any website showing the historical forex candlestick chart analyse?do my question clear?

kenspong answers: has a “practice” area where you can actually trade currencies without risking money. You can make candlestick charts as well. has an excellent page which teaches all about candlestick charting.

William asks…

from where can i get bar chart of forex market in india.?

with[o/h/l/c] and with volume.

kenspong answers:

Worden or Metastock.

Joseph asks…

Where can I get the Historical Forex Currency Chart from 1900 – 2008??? Need it Desperately.?

I need to track the exchange rates: USD and Indian Rupee as well as Yen and USD. Its very amazing and incredible. I saw it on a seminar. Please let me know the site where i can find it !!!!! Kindly Expedite. ( For Academic purpose )

kenspong answers:

Thomas asks…

FOREX best free chart Web site and what mean pipes spread ?

kenspong answers:

Pip spread is the difference in the ask and bid prices of a particular pair of currency. Usually 3 to 5 for major common currency. Up to maybe 15 or even 20 pips difference for less coimmon pairs, eg Aud/Eur, Aud/Yen

Best free charts definitely those provided by FXCM. Have a choice of several charts.

Donna asks…

What Stop Loss Should I Put For My Forex Strategy?

I am using MT4, H1 chart.
My set up is: (all default setting)
Parabolic SAR

Buy Signal:
SAR dot at btm
MACD line shows on top
CCI >100

Sell Signal:
SAR dot at top
MACD line shows on bottom
CCI <100 My question is, what stop loss setting should I put after i enter a long or short position?

kenspong answers:

You should already have your stop loss set in place like your strategy has you do. You post alot of analytic data there but do you even know what they mean?

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