Your Questions About Forex Charts

Susan asks…

Any good tool out there to beat the FOREX Market?

Trading the FX market is very unpredictable, even more if you lack effective tools (software, charts, etc.) that I know they are out there…

kenspong answers:

The TED(Tressury Exchange Derivative) spread is good method though some have gone under playing this including some Nobel laurettes. The idea is you look at the short term or long term rates and the exchange rate movements and invest in short term or long term t bills in foreign currency when their exchange rate is moving up and convert back after the exchange rate has gone up. Such opportunities has to be figured out thoroughly before getting into it.

Maria asks…

forex charting?

kenspong answers:


Betty asks…

How do i know how much long and short positions, and all positions are in a day in the forex market?

I need to know how much long and short positions are in a day on the chart. Thank You.

kenspong answers:


Thomas asks…

Forex traders: Can you recommend a good firm for trading the minis?

You know, nice platform, good charts, tight spreads, no problems to send the $ home.
If you don’t have experience with a firm that you can recommend, please skip this question.

kenspong answers:

I am running a blog which you visit to get more info –

William asks…

Any more up-to-date websites than Yahoo to monitor forex movements?

I noticed that some of the foreign exchange (currency pairs) charts displayed on are dated weeks ago. Any way to update them?

kenspong answers:

Yes, in forex trading – the fastest way to watch the market movements are through live chats.
Meta trader 4 is a good platform to watch it, demo it, trade it.

Asia Forex Mentor,
Ezekiel Chew

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