Your Questions About Forex Capital Markets

Thomas asks…

is there anyone who had problems with Forex Capital Markets? any fund withdrawal or software issues?

kenspong answers:

Do sign up with a reputable brokerage. Such scenarios do happen often if you sign up with a dodgy brokerage.

Betty asks…

I wanted to ask, what you may say about company “Forex capital markets”,possible co-operate with them?

kenspong answers:

Hor would i know?

Lisa asks…

Are Forex market and Forex capital market same or different?

I have researched a lot but fail to distinguish or compare both terms..the many articles are ambiguous….

kenspong answers:

Forex market is Foreign exchange market. Forex capital market is broker.

Chris asks…

I want more information about forex capital market and how it work.?

I want someone clear me on what and what i need to know, and i will appreciate it if someone into the system enlighten me more

kenspong answers:


You may want to download my free Forex trading report at

Hope this helps! 🙂

Sandra asks…

A friend wants to enter the FOREX market with limited capital. How to tell him he’s foolish?

He’s got blinders on after spending two grand on a “class.” He wants no negativity, he says. But simple math tells me and should tell him that his capital investment will never make his online “labor” worth more than $5 an hour– and that’d require a 60 hour work week and NO LOSSES.

How to educate him without alienating him? Is there a website certain and simple?

kenspong answers:

There really is nothing you can do. He is determined and will resent your interference. The three things in life that are additive to men. Women- drugs/alcohol- gambling Not all men are additive to all three but each has its own power to destroy. He is on the gambling faze. Let him loose his money and you should learn and realize the power of the three of them. I have one friend who has all three mess him up. He smokes marijuana daily for 25 year, has traded futures for over 10 years loosing untold thousands and has a wife, soon to be ex-wife that is going to take what ever he has left.

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