Your Questions About Forex

John asks…

To trade in the Forex Market professionally do you need to be registered with the NFA?

I have different sources tell me yes and no. I know a lot of new bylaws have been passed to govern the Forex market and the people who trade in it. But for the ordinary person that trades for forex for friends and family do you need to be registered? Are IB and Money Managers the same thing?

kenspong answers:


Different countries have different laws.

Generally speaking, if you’re just trading for your friends and relatives, you probably don’t need to be registered.

However, if you’re looking to trade professionally (on behalf with clients), then it’s a more complicated matter.

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Best Wishes,

Paul asks…

What is the difference between a gaming computer and a forex computer?

I’m thinking of building a forex computer, and it seems like I may as well just build a gaming computer, but there are special quirks of the forex computer. Can anyone tell me what that would be?

kenspong answers:

The software for data delivery is probably more important, or just as important as the computer.

What you’re trying to overcome with speed is data bottlenecks. With gaming, it is graphics data problems. All of the moving objects and colors of a game are graphics issues that should be handled by the graphics board rather than the CPU. Obviously, a dual core Quad is going to be better than a single. But you need a good graphics card with lots of onboard memory.

With a trading machine, you’re handling lots of data coming in from outside the computer, processing that data into many different charts and calculating indicators. The graphics is not the problem of a gaming machine. The problem is when there’s a flood of data, like when there’s a report, or around the open of different markets, when markets go wild. I’ve had computers completely freeze for several minutes when extreme volatility situations arise. Sometimes I would have to reboot to get control back, and that can take ten minutes to get back up and running with everything updated and functioning again; obviously, that won’t work for a trader. The software should have a method to throttle that data, because you don’t need every tick, estpecially when the input data is a thousand-fold what it was a minute ago. If you’re using a web browser, rather than a dedicated trading program downloaded to your computer, you have no control over the data feed. A good trading platform like Realtick or Tradestation, will have at least 3 or 4 different methods of sampling and throttling to control high volumes of data. NinjaTrader does a good job, but I’ve got a super fast computer, so I never see any glitches.

There are several informational and learning websites. If you watch their trading videos, you’ll see what they’re using.


The best way to learn is from a book. You can find three different eBooks here:
Insider Forex Secrets…
Forex Trading-Revolution To Home Based Internet Business
Forex Trading Strategies

There are many eBooks listed here, so to find the one you want, just hit Ctrl-F (for Find) in your web browser to find “forex”.

Sharon asks…

What is the best forex training course I can buy? What is the best book on forex trading?

I am a beginner who wish to learn before forex trading. Thank You.

kenspong answers:

I don’t know about buying a forex training course when theres so many resources on forex online. Here are some of the sites that i use to teach me more about forex/sharetrading. The websites below have very helpful resources regarding currency trading & theyre all free! I’ve personally found them very useful in learning about forex trading and its sharetrading counterpart.

Carol asks…

Do I need a license to trade forex for others using my software hosted outside Singapore? ?

I am planning to run an automated forex trading platform hosted on a server outside Singapore. Client’s trading platform will be hosted on the server and trades will be executed on their behalf. Do I need a license and how do I obtain the license?

kenspong answers:

If you are trading for others, you may need a license based on your countries rules about being an advisor sort of speak. You may want to contact some of your local officals You should be okay if the funds remain in your account.

Robert asks…

What is the best way to learn forex trading?

I would like to start trading in foreign exchange, and I am looking for tips on how to get started with forex trading? I have looked at some of the trading platforms out there, and they seem quite complex and intimidating. Your help would be appreciated.

kenspong answers:

Sign up for a demo account with any of the forex brokerages.

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