Your Questions About Forex

Sandy asks…

What is the best way to learn FOREX trading?

Please leave me a message on courses, systems, etc for learning to trade the FOREX market. Thanks!

kenspong answers:

Why not practice first and try some for free
check this out

Susan asks…

How does Forex trading works and how can a layman like myself get involve?

i heard Forex trading is a great way of making fast money. i would like to get involve in this currencies money making thing. however my knowledge in this area is very limited. i’m desperately in need of some free guidance. help!!!!
i’m also wondering if my location matters. i’m living in Jamaica so will that be an issue as it relate to me getting involve?

kenspong answers:

As with everything else it can ALSO be a fast way of losing money unless you know what your doing …but here are some details…

Carol asks…

Why do forex brokers give away money when opening an account?

Hi Guys,

I just opened a micro account with an online forex broker, and they give away 100% of your initial deposit when opening a micro account. I just found this suspicious and wanted to know if this is normal, and why brokers would do this?

Thanks in advance!
Would this mean that i have to pay back these US$300, or are they “mine” and i pay them back through the spreads by trading?

kenspong answers:

Because they know they’re going to get it back. Same reason why casinos give away free hotel rooms, flights, etc.

When I say get it back, I don’t necessarily mean you’re going to lose all your money. Forex is high frequency trading, and even if you’re successful in your trading they’ll make their money back on the spreads.

Donald asks…

How do FOREX platform providers make money?

I’ve actually researched this before but that was like 2 years ago and I can’t remember. Nor, do i have the energy to sift through hoards of google rankings to find what i need.
If you could just explain the different types of systems for charging forex traders and the idea of the ‘spread’. Thank you very much.

kenspong answers:

The spread is the area they make money, Its small but there is many transactions therefore large revenue.


George asks…

What is the best method for trading forex?

Looking to find the best forex course out there, anyone have an idea?

kenspong answers:

Check this site for best options for forex trading. You won’t be disappointed.


Best of Luck…

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