Your Questions About Forex

Sandra asks…


Can you list down everything someone should learn before their first trade?
Like what charts to use & skills they should learn etc.

kenspong answers:

Hi, before you trade with real money, you should know the basics in forex trading. You can also trade side by side w/ a professional forex trader where you can learn the strategy and skills. You can also try and practice trading w/o any real money through a demo account in and or you can also join forex trading forums such as and where you can ask relevant questions and get answers from expert forex traders.

James asks…

How to become a good forex sales broker?

I want to learn how to be a forex sales broker, any guides would help to start being a good forex sales broker. I’m learning about forex also, but is there any website that coaches or anything. Thanks

kenspong answers:

Hi, in order for you to be a good forex sales broker, you have to know the main strategy in dealing with future clients. If you want to know more about forex sales broker, you can ask questions on and They give good and valuable answers from experienced forex sales brokers. I can help you if you want to try dealing w/ forex w/o any money involve through because they offer demo accounts where you can practice your skills in forex trading.

Ruth asks…

What is the good idea to get the more information about forex?

Many of the people interested to work as forex business but lack of the proper information, guidance, and scam cheating they are fear of cheating. Anyone has good information about beginner plz tell me.

kenspong answers:

For initiating your forex business at first you have to choose your broker. For selecting your forex broker make sure they are regulated. (my preference is Hotforex, Liteforex, Trading Point, Roboforex). Then go for demo trading. This broker websites will provide you with the trading platform. But to enhance your knowledge on how to be successful in trading go through and complete all their course. You will be a mastermind on Forex trading that i can assure.

Nancy asks…

How fast is it possible to become a millionaire by trading spot forex?

I want to know in your opinion what your thoughts are on my question here as to wether or not it is possible to break £1 million very rapidly and how long it would take starting with a few hundred pounds trading spot forex? Also, are there any recorded cases of anybody ever doing such a thing? Best answer earns 5 stars. Thanks.

kenspong answers:

There is no doubt you can make money trading forex. To Break the 1M fast you need a lot of money.
Trade forex is all about know where the long term trend is heading and have enough money in you account to sustain the wave.
If you have a small account, and small stop loss you will not survive.

1. You need to have a trading system that teaches you the basic of trend identification.
I would recommend the CM5 system from It is simple and straight forward. I am using it.

2. You need to trade with an Indicator that will send the trade signal to you email and can also take trade for you automatically.
I would recommend the TRADE TELLER from

3. You need to take some sometime to study the market. Take your time and don’t be in a rush. Understand the system well and you will see the power of making money in forex, If you need a trading buddy, you can contact me and can be your trading buddy.

Linda asks…

Who is with oceanside wealth forex and what results have you experienced?

Has anyone else heard of this group? I first learned about it when searching for forex training. It does look good and I would rather place money in the hands of professional people then gamble around but i have a hard time believing it will produce 20% a month.
I’m a little confused because oceanside appears to be forex investment compounding w/ network marketing. do i have to recruit others to earn any money? I’m just looking for a safe place to invest. Please advise.

kenspong answers:

If you want to learn the basics of trading forex, you can use the free 5 step guide at

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