Your Questions About Festivals This Summer In The Uk

Susan asks…

Are you going to any LGBT Pride Festivals this summer?

There is at least 1 per week in the UK until September, which are the best ones?

kenspong answers:

Yep I’m going to Gay Pride in Manchester!

I went last year and had an amazing time…so hotel is booked and just my ticket to buy!

Yay! Can’t wait!


John asks…

What are your plans for summer?

I’m looking for some suggestions as to what my friend and I could do during summer 2010.
No holidays abroad, this i just to kill time and have fun on our few weeks off college.
We live in Manchester and we are willing to travel up and down the country by train.
..All the music festivals are fully booked ALREADY!

So whats going on in the UK for summer 2010?


kenspong answers:

Hm.. Well i’m planning on going to a nice beach with my boyfriend and maybe some friends, cinemas, a nice resturant, shopping at Bluewater, staying in having late nights watching movies, going to the park, ohh and I wanna have a picnic, and maybe i’ll go swimming.

Does that give you any idea? Maybe you could arrange a trip to Thorpe Park with a group of your friends.

EDIT – Maybe you could save up some money and have a photoshoot.


Jenny asks…

Best festival in the uk for teenagers?

I’m 15 years old and me and a couple of friends want to go to a festival this summer but which one is the best to go to?? Maybe v festival or t in the park??

kenspong answers:

T in the park rocks 🙂


Richard asks…

Does anyone know if Blink 182 will be doing extra tour dates in the UK this year?

My boyfriend is a massive fan of the Blink and they are touring the UK later in the summer but the dates they have released is during the time me and my boyfriend are on holiday. I feel awful that he has to miss out just to be with me and was wondering if anyone knew if Blink were doing anymore UK dates apart from festivals.


kenspong answers:

Just Aberdeen and Glasgow in mid august 16th/17th. Then Dublin on the 31st

Sandy asks…

I’m visiting the UK and Ireland this summer and I would like some suggestions?

I’m going to the UK and Ireland for two weeks in August (1-15 probably). I want to visit too many places for the amount of time I can spend there. Here’s a list of the places:

England: London, Brighton, Truro (my ancestors are from there), Canterbury, Salisbury, Glastonbury, Stratford-Upon-Avon, The Cotswolds, and York

Wales: Cardiff and the Wye Valley

Scotland: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen

Ireland: Dublin, Waterford, Cork, the Ring of Kerry, and Galway

What should I narrow my trip down to? I’m also interested in hearing other ideas for things that are more off the beaten path. I also really want to be in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival.

kenspong answers:

You’ve picked great places but you’re NEVER going to see them all. Decide what you want out of your visit – city or countryside… Culture or chill out?

London demands 3 days minimum (and don’t forget it’s very expensive), but Edinburgh is cooler (this is a Englander talking too!) Suggest you fly to one or the other and stay in the vicinity. The south of England is great and if you do London, The Cotswolds (whilst you’re there do Oxford if you’re in the East) and maybe head out to the South-West over your time there.

If you’re in Scotland, you should definitely get to their fabulous mountains. No offence meant to residents, but there isn’t too much to see in Aberdeen and Inverness.

Like the others, Dublin is going to need a good few days to appreciate it and it takes some time to get around the Irish countryside (and did you know they have some of the most expensive car hire in the world?) But a trip to the East Coast of Ireland is well worth it.

Seriously, pick one area and do it properly – or you won’t enjoy your trip. It’s also worth getting a Rough Guide / Lonely Planet type book to help you plan your trip.

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