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Carol asks…

Why Does Everyone Say Wizards Suck w/o Arenas?

He is not even the best player on the Wizards that would be Caron Butler. IMO, Butler is the 3rd or 4th SF in the league after LBJ23, Pierce, and maybe Granger. I think Butler is better than Melo cause Melo is so 1 dimensional and Butler is hands down better than Arenas. The same goes for Jamison who is also an All-star and vastly overrated he is by far the better all-around player than Gilbert.

All Gilbert is, is a 20+ PPG scorer he is a terrible PG that is selfish and does not have his team’s best interest @ hand. The Wizards last year showed they are better off w/o him by getting into the playoffs with a better record than when they had Gilbert. They had a streak of 11 straight wins and when Gilbert came back he completely fucked the chemistry and they lost 7 straight. Gilbert can’t pass, chucks up like nobody’s business when he is off, can’t rebound, or defend.

He is not that good of a player. In fact, the Wizards were better off with Mason at point last year. He can do a little bit of everything. Therefore, Mason > Arenas. Arenas and his passing inability is what is worse cause Butler and Jamison aren’t exactly good passers and although the trio has combined for the highest scoring trio for 5 years now. When they play together their is no ball movement and the game is stagnant. Ever notice when Daniels came in the flow of the game improved when Arenas came out?

Also, the Wizards play my Knicks 4x, last night in fact was our 3rd meeting. I have realized that Butler is the man of this team and Jamison follows they should be kept they exhibit heart and all-around play and Butler straight up kills my team he always shows up against them even though they lose.

I also realized the reason why Wizards suck this year is not cause of Gilbert, but cause of the Haywood injury. Haywood is their only consistent low post threat and really came on strong last year/ They miss him thrown in with the fact that Thomas can no longer be balls 2 the wall hustle on a consistent basis due to the irregular heart beat and Blatche is good, but young and inconsistent.

As, for Gilbert. What is Eating Gilbert Arenas he is selfish and the team fucked up giving him the extension. He cares more of his nicknames Hibachi or Agent 0 than winning. He cares more of showing up Deshawn Stevenson in 3pt contest than winning, and he said he would not like to play if Wizards were not in contention. Well, last year when they were in contention he did not mind coming back messing with the chemistry only to get a contract bonus.

I really hate the guy the Wizards would be much better if they trade him to the Bulls for Hinrich. Hinrich is better than Arenas and a true floor general that would flourish once more after he was demoted by Rose. In Washington he would pair well with Butler and Jamison. Throw in Hughes in the trade cause his best days were in Washington and him and Stevenson can form a defensive-3pt shooting duo. Then they give up McGee and Thomas cause the Bulls would take them being that they are loaded with Guards. Arenas could be SG and Gordon 6th Man.

6. Larry Hughes

* Makes for much better team.
Yes, did they win w/o Arenas before yes. Sometimes role players are more important to a team than their so called All-stars. To me Arenas is not an All-star. But, anyways once again on certain teams role players are more instrumental than All-stars.

In terms of PG productivity Arenas if you call him a PG is dead last 30. Ridnour and Blake are more instrumental to their teams @ the point than Arenas is.
So if the Wiz are better w/ Arenas how come last year w/o him they won more games than with him? And Caron is a 20/6/6 guy how is that not better than Arenas a 1 dimensional player.

kenspong answers:

Great point

They dont suck they just have a 7-31 record


Maria asks…

Please hate on my merfolk deck :)?

Need help fixing it up a bit. The deck itself has done awesome so far I know its 11 cards more than ppl like but.. For me it works. Please harrass it if you don’t like it. Please keep in mind I don’t have the money to buy right now… And most of them I traded for.

1x Sygg, River Cutthroat
1x Thada Adel, Inquisitor
2x Wanderwine Prophets
2x Corelhelm Commander
3x Merrow Reejerey
2x Merfolk Sovereign
4x Lord of Atlantis
1x Surgespanner
2x Tideshape Mystic
2x Cold-eye Selkie
3x Silvergill douser
3x Stoneybrook Banneret
2x Shapesharer
1x Platinum Angel

2x Coastal Piracy
2x Merrow Commerce
3x Ego Erasure
4x Counter
3x Wash Out
2x Elixer of Immortality

3x Extra-planar Lens

23 Islands

71 total

kenspong answers:

Powerful deck. Merfolks is tier 1 in legacy after the banning and this deck reminded me how aggressively brutal it can get. I like the card draw engins and the overall looking of the deck but I’d take out Elixer of Immortality, Tideshape Mystic, Silvergill douser and Ego Erasure and replace them with Aether Vial, daze, manaleak and brainstorm.
PS: Just as a sidenote, Grand Architect can be a semi lord as well as a mana generation for turn 3 Platinum Angel or for Inquisitor: hit your opponent for 3 on turn 4, exile his/her Wurmcoil Engin and power it out on the spot…and go? Seems pretty good…
Happy Brewing

Daniel asks…

Magic The Gathering Deck Help?

I have been assembling a deck for a while now and I have won matches with it but it lacks any theme or focus. I feel it is too much a jack of all trades and just not a master of any. I could use some suggestions on cards. Here is what I have.

9x Mountain
6x Island
1x Izzet Boilworks

1x Covert Operative
1x Gelectrode
1x Izzet Chronarch
1x Platinum Angel
2x Akroma, Angel of Fury
1x Aven Fateshaper
2x Tidewater Minion
1x Llawan, Cephalid Empress

1x Pyromatics
1x Frazzle
1x Convolute
1x Peel From Reality
4x Lightning Blast

2x Mind Spring
1x Banefire
4x Illuminate
3x Ghitu Fire
1x Wash Out
1x Vacuumelt

2x Freed From The Real
1x Aboshan’s Desire
1x Confiscate
1x Insolence

As you can see I have alot of cards and not many repeats. I can never make up my mind of what to drop and what to buy more of. I only have a few real combos built in to the deck as well. I just took out 8 cards from my deck earlier so I have 8 additional slots to fill as well as organizing my deck better. Can you help?

kenspong answers:

Pyroclasm really good card.

It deals 2 damage to each creature in play. Its very effective when you are in trouble and find yourself with no creatures on the field

Sharon asks…

What center would you pick for the Orlando Magic All-Time starting lineup? (Shaq or D-Howard)?

I seen in a magazine for the 2010-2011 NBA Season Preview, Dwight Howard was picked to be the Orlando Magic’s center for their All-Time starting lineup. That’s not a problem because Dwight Howard is still on the Magic and will be for another 10+yrs (unless he gets traded or leaves via free agency) but in my opinion Shaq will be there when Howard’s career is over then Howard will be moved to the PF (even though he isn’t a PF) on their All-Time starting lineup. Even though Shaq was there only 4 seasons, he had a legendary career in Orlando. Dwight Howard just finished his 6th season in Orlando. Lets compare their success in Orlando:

Dwight Howard:
– regular season: 17.5 ppg, 12.7 rpg, 1.5apg, 2.1 bpg, 58%FG
– playoffs: 19.0ppg, 14.2rpg, 1.5apg, 1.5bpg, 60%FG
– 09′ Finals: 15.4ppg, 15.2rpg, 2.2apg, 1.6spg, 4.0bpg, 49%FG
– Awards/Accolades: 4x All-Star, 2 DOY, 3x All-NBA 1st Team

Shaquille O’Neal:
– regular season: 27.2 ppg, 12.5 rpg, 2.5apg, 2.8 bpg, 54%FG
– playoffs: 24.1ppg, 11.7rpg, 3.4apg, 1.8bpg, 57%FG
– 95′ Finals: 28.0ppg, 12.5rpg, 6.3apg, 2.5bpg, 60%FG
– Awards/Accolades: 4x All-Star, 1994-1995 Scoring Champion

Who would you pick as your Magic center on the All-Time starting lineup? Can’t go wrong with either?

kenspong answers:

What did Dwight Howard do better than Shaq? Shaq was a better scorer, play maker, defender, post player, etc. On top of that, he’s much more dominant than Dwight. Shaq scored 10 points more than Howard while still grabbing as many rebounds and shooting as good from the field. And do you know how great a big man has to be to win a scoring title?

Shaq is the greatest Center to play for Orlando, it’s pretty obvious.

Donna asks…

Are diamonds really worthless?

I was reading an article on the diamond trade and how back then diamonds really were scarce until they found a huge deposit.From what I’ve read it also seems that we now artificially grow 4x more diamonds than mined.

Is it really true that diamonds are as plentiful as sand? And that the price of diamond is partly due to the consumer mind that they are somewhat rare? Obviously it has real uses in real life in the technology and other departments, so I’m not saying that they’re completely useless.

I had come across a website awhile ago where couples, people traded or gave away their engagement rings partly because it’s very hard to resell a diamond. Is that true, has anyone here actually sold back or sold off a diamond to a jeweler?

I’ve also found it odd how it seems engagement rings “must” be a diamond. I mean, if you’re getting married to the person you love, does it truly matter what rock is on her ring?

I acquired a pair of diamond rings a long time ago and have though about selling them off to help pay for college, but now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to in the first place.
As for my diamonds, seems like they’re “old mine cut” and using a strong loupe, they’re damaged at the edges, so I may end up giving them away if they don’t bring much in.

They’re either very old, or whoever cut them not to long ago was bad at it since both diamonds are not symmetrical. The table cut is bigger on one than the other, the side cuts are not even or symmetrical on the other side, so overall, I seriously doubt they would be worth much now looking at their defects.

kenspong answers:

Diamonds are worth as much as people are willing to pay for them, which right now is quite a bit

The diamond market is being artificially inflated by certain South African mining companies by preventing many diamonds from other countries from entering the market.

Diamonds are still rather rare, and even if other companies suddenly entered the diamond market, diamonds would still have commercial value

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