Your Questions About 4x Trading

Lizzie asks…

does anyone have an arceus in pokemon pearl?

im willing to trade:
articuno lv 50 , zapdos lv50, moltres lv 50, raikou lv 50, deoxys lv 100, phione lv 1 4x, heatran lv 71 and alot more leave ur name and ur fc mine is
fc 2749 8340 6885
name Ceaser

kenspong answers:

Right now you cannot get an Arceus. The only way to get an Arceus is to use gameshark to get the flute to catch arceus.

George asks…

Crysis upgrade dillema.?

I have this option for playing crysis:
AMD Atholon 64 3000+ (754), 2 gigs of R.A.M. (DDR400), medium speed hard drive, Win XP pro. only AGP 8x/4x.

Intel Core 2 duo 2.xxGHtz, 1 gig R.A.M. (DDR2 552), fast hard drive, vista home premium.

Do I upgrade the Comp2 (Dell) with another gig of R.A.M. and an 8600 (thats the down version for $160 of the 8800) totaling like $220. Or do I upgrade the first comp, which I have easier access to, for like $210 with the 1950pro with twice as much memory as the card I would get for the dell (there about the same speed.) there are trade offs for each but I have to stay in the 200 dollar range.

kenspong answers:

Its best to go with the second computer,but you should wait until that game comes out because when that game comes out the videocards that’s out now will come down in price.

John asks…

MTG Mono Green Deck Suggestions?

This is my current deck. If anyone has any suggestions at all please respond. As of now I know I want to add at least some combo of Llanowar Elves and/or Greenweaver Druids, but I am open to anything at all aside from anything crazy expensive.

20x Forest

Mana Ramp
3x Rampant Growth
4x Harrow
2x Explorer’s Scope

4x Elvish Piper
4x Rampaging Baloths
4x Scute Mob
4x Terra Stomper
2x Darksteel Colossus
1x Platinum Angel
1x Master of the Wild Hunt
1x Lotus Cobra

2x Garruk Wildspeaker
1x Grappling Hook
1x Summoning Trap
2x Lurking Predators
1x Gauntlet of Power
2x Gigantiform

I’m not a super serious player, just casual. I’m willing to trade and stuff to get things, but I cant spend a ton of money. I was also considering tossing in 2x Island and a Levitation enchantment because flyers always beat me and I can just Harrow once for both of the islands. Anyways, any suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you very much in advance 🙂

kenspong answers:

One thing you probably don’t want to do is add levitation and islands into your deck. If you want to counter flyers, you should stay within the green color. Try squalls and hurricanes. If you can’t block, throw in a fog or two. Also, one of my favorite green enchantments is one called spidersilk armor. It adds +0/+1 and allows all creatures to block as though they had flying. It’s from Mercadian (sp?) Masques, which came out 1999-ish. Also, try the green spider cards. They all can block as though they had flying. This is just my suggestion, though.

Daniel asks…

My rap I wrote, what are your opinions?

I’m 14 and this is my political rap I wrote.

Judgement Jungle

This tune I write is from the heart,
It speaks the truth about Africa,
All information is FACT,
Describing the conditions these people face!

Verse One
The life which these African people are living,
Should not be inflicted on any human being,
This is gonna take more than a rap to describe,
More like a miracle,
Cause the peoples wealth is eaten by the government,
Or chewed up, and spat out by Westerners,
Making these Africans pray to the Heavens,
To provide fresh water, and better shelter than a fuckin’ sand tent,
This ain’t right, it contains 50% of the worlds diamonds and gold,
But where does this money go,
Not to Africans, to Western business,
These business men are heartless, stealing from Africa,
Countries like Kenya and Ghana feel this pain,
While we take no notice,
We’d rather spend £100 on fuckin’ Champagne!

Chorus (4X)
Food, shelter and drink,
Is what these people need,
What these people need….

Verse 2
It’s the land of pain, the land of ashame,
I tell no lie, children get raped @ the age of 5,
Cause Africa has no pride,
Cause the last 2000 years it has been fought over and colonised,
Now all they are is little tribes,
Making cocoa beans, then selling them to Westerners,
For low rates, cause of the Western lies,
The inflation, of one nation, caused many a death,
In Zimbabwe, the president Mugabe,
Pretending to kickstart the country,
But lying under his breath, he’s a fuckin bully,
Who’d rather donate a gift to North Korea,
And in Zimbabwe spread fucked up fear!

Chorus (4X)
Food, shelter and drink,
Is what these people need,
What these people need….

Verse 3
Alright the third verse,
Africa is just living under a dieseased ridden curse,
3000 children under the age of 5, die each day,
All down to malaria,
And if these children beat malaria,
They could lose there parents due to AIDS,
12 Million children could face this,
It’s fucked up and shit,
The don’t deserve those conditions,
They deserve much better,
Cause while Western lands strenghthen,
African lands weaken,
Millions are born into this, they never escape,
They’re stuck in this cruel landscape,
Like being wrapped up in masking tape!

Chorus (4X)
Food, shelter and drink,
Is what these people need,
What these people need….

Verse 4
Now this is it, we’re @ the last verse,
I’m white, from the UK, and here to rap,
And i’m here to stay, so listen to this magical word play,
About Africa and it’s slaves,
This trade has happened for many centuries,
From the thirtys to the eightees,
And the fourties to the ninetees,
It’s still happening today men and women shipped away,
This ain’t right, we sit @ home on our computers,
Listening to fake shit rappers,
Rather than taking notice of this evil in Africa,
Cause we eat, drink and sleep,
While they, starve, work and fight,
No, no this ain’t fuckin right, it needs sorting,
So listen to these raps I write, they mean something, so take notice, it just might make the future bright!

Chorus (4X)
Food, shelter and drink,
Is what these people need,
What these people need….

kenspong answers:

Man you need not to mention your age because older famous rappers can’t do this shit!
Keep on going..and take my advice..just keep writing and writing,when u become will edit them..and u will find ur way into letting everyone listen to ur rap.

Thomas asks…

Light deck?

wanna build a light deck but dont wanna waste loadsa money/cards just to build a deck … im tryin to build it out of relatively easy cards to get … rate and fixes please?

18x monster
3x wulf, LS beast
3x disciple of the forbidden spell
3x honest
2x cyber dragon
2x guardian of order
2x the creator
majestic mech goryu
treeborn frog

18x spell
3x reasoning
3x monster reincarnation
2x foolish burial
2x trade in
2x lightning vortex
monster gate
monster reborn
mystical space typhoon
heavy storm
premature burial

4x trap
divine wrath
sakuretsu armor
torrential tribute
mirror force

wanna put card of safe return in but it needs treeborn at the moment … if you can help with this, i would put 3x card of safe return, 3x trade in, 3x creator

reasoning and monster gate send wulf str8 to the grave from the deck … it skips past it so it gets special summoned with the monster searched by them

any tips appreciated

spammers will be reported

kenspong answers:

Try this deck out its my friends who just took first at the tourney today.

3 freed the brave wanderer
3 shining angels
3 dimensional alchemist
2 zaborg the thunder monarch
1 airknight parshath
1 d.d warrior lady
3 cyber valleys
2 cyber dragon
1 card trooper (if u have it doesnt make a big difference)
2 mirage dragons
1 marshmallon
2 guardian of order

2 reinforcement of the army
1 mystical space typhoon
1 heavy storm
2 creature swap
1-2 lightning bortex
1 monster reborn
1 premature burial
1 brain control
1 enemy controller

1 mirror force
2 raigeki breaks
2 bottemless trap hole
1 torrential tribute

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