Your Questions About 4x Trading

Donald asks…

mcdonalds i spy tokens sell or trade AUS ONLY?

i have tokens up for grabs through the mcdonalds i spy promotion 1x red C 2x red A, 2x blue H, 4x green M, 4x orange S, 1x Purple P, 3x yellow P, 1x pink P, 5 x pink S, 2x Green N and 3x orange N.

if you want any please comment below.

i know this is not a site to buy or sell just thought id put it out their 🙂

kenspong answers:

Hi Jenelle,
I’m interested in the tokens. How much are you selling them for?
Please mail me on

Richard asks…

How do some people manage to breathe? Research 911!?

Despite the overwhelming evidence that 911 was an inside job, why are people so hesitant to research the evidence for themselves? I didn’t want to believe it at first either because of the fact my father died in one of the towers.

There’s so much overwhelming evidence, I mean a 4 year could work out that the official story was absolute rubbish.

Why were NORAD running a drill of the same event at the exact time it happened, why were they told to stand down? (That was even reported in main-stream news!)

How can people believe that building 7 fell because of fire damage? (Please research Building 7)

Why can’t people see that it was just an excuse to justify the invasion of IRAQ?

Why did people basically beg to have their liberties stripped from them after 911? (Red Flag) Why are we still in IRAQ? Why have the US built permanent military bases in IRAQ?

What idiot believes George Bush is the brains behind the American government?

How come there’s 4 of the alleged terrorists ‘responsible’ for 911 still alive? According to the official story.. they were the suicide bombers on the planes.

Why are the testimonies of the constructors of the trade centers ignored, these buildings could have withstood 4x what they actually endured!

Why were there a record breaking insurance policy taken out on the towers a couple of months prior to the event? (Look it up)

According to the Colins Sociological Dictionary; “A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is only to be considered suspect of reprehensible, if it is;

A: Delivered in an outlandish, irrational manner.

B: Delivered without decent evidence

I’m obviously not a tin-foil hat wearing lunie as i’ve researched this subject thoroughly.

Im concenred for my fellow man and want justice for my father and the many other people lost in 911 and the London Bombings.

Come on people, I’m not asking you to believe what i’m saying.. I’m asking you to research the subject for yourself.

For “truth is not told, it is realized”.

kenspong answers:

“Spindrif”: You really SHOULD care about the slaughter of 3,000+ innocent civilians on 9/11 since the same nefarious Illuminati elitists who pre-planned and executed 9/11 have also pre-planned the crash of our economy!! It is being done intentionally! They know the Depression in this country has to get pretty bad before the masses will accept the North American Union and new currency: the Amero. Google the New World Order to learn more about the goal of one world government and the terrible, tragic fate it holds for us and future generations to come.

All evidence points to the fact that 9/11 was definitely an inside job – orchestrated by the Illuminati as a pretext to wage war on the Middle East. The World Trade Center buildings fell within hours, which is impossible. The fires would have had to rage for days to cause a collapse and then it would not have happened at a freefall speed the way it did. If the buildings collapsed naturally (with no explosives), they would have fallen slowly in stages or fallen over on to other buildings. Instead, we witnessed a controlled demolition where the buildings practically disintegrated in ten seconds due to the explosives that were planted in the buildings at precise locations and detonated to cause implosion. Don’t forget that WTC 7 freakishly collapsed without even being hit by an airplane!! How absurd! There is no other realistic possibility for this – except controlled demolition.

The Twin Towers were constructed by the Rockefeller Dynasty, symbolizing the financial strength of the United States. I believe their collapse was a pre-prepared occult ritual rife with many gruesome human sacrifices. To understand the elite, you must have a strong understanding of the occult. And that is something that many people will never take the time to educate themselves on.

Sandra asks…

how do you like my mtg faerie deck?

This deck is legal, very strong in mass killing creatures, and damage pretty fast. Remove soul is good for now, can’t afford or trade for cryptic command, plus remove soul is cheap and a lot of ppl are creature based nowwa days. Wyden I’m thinkin about takin out, and unsure if I should replace the faerie conclave with another unstable frontier.

4x spellstutter sprite
4x scion of oona
4x faerie harbinder
4x dreamspoiler witches
3x glen elendra liege
2 sower of temptation
2x wyden, the biting gale

3x infest
2x nameless inversion
4x faerie trickery
4x remove soul

4x bitterblossom
4x blowfly infestation
2x kraken eye

4x sunken ruins
4x secluded glen
4x underground river
4x dimir aqueduct
4x vivid creek
1x faerie conclave
1x unstable frontier

kenspong answers:

Nice deck. I kinda have one like it.

Daniel asks…

I was hoping to recieve some advice in reguards to my Magit the Gathering Faerie Deck. MTG?

I’ll begin by listing it…

4x peppersmoke
4x ponder
4x prickly boggart

4x oonas blackguard
4x frogtosser banneret
1x twincast
2x spellstutter sprite

4x silkbind faerie
4x scion of oona

2x latchkey faerie
2x marsh flitter
2x notorious throng
1x fodder launch

As you can clearly note, this is a Faerie Rogue deck. It’s mainly aggro with small pockets of control to ensure the win. Each creature benifits from each other. For instance, Oonas blackguard and scion of oona power them up and even gives them shroud. I placed a notorious throng for the final blow and a fodder launch just in case i need to dent their defences, this is part of the reason why i placed the goblins in, aside from chump blockers. I also placed a twincast to either double my spells or possible benifit from the opponents, I can also counter their own spells with it.

As you can see I have to random Spellstutter Sprites. I have considired replacing them with two Bitterblossoms. I think this trade will benifit my deck seeing as its a Faerie Rogue deck and that what bitterblossom produces.

So, Is this a good trade? I do know its is soon falling out but I love this deck alot and wanna run it to the ground. It has done me well at FNM and even got me 4th place one time.
If I do decide to keep it the same are there any cards I could possbily switch the spellstutter sprites for?

kenspong answers:

Fae have quite a bit of control/tempo cards going for them.

Cryptic Command, Mistbind Clique and Bitterblossom would help you out quite a bit if you wanted to play more control.

If you’re willing to “Netdeck” the fae lists that have been succeeding in large tournaments since M10 are listed here:

Carol asks…

Pokemon I need?

need to get the pokemon that are unobtainable from just FR/LG and D/P. So, I need pokemon from pokemon collesium, and unobtainable legendaries

I need any of these:

I have to trade:
2x Feebas — Lv 20 (caught in Ruby version)
Magby,Wynaut,Elekid (all Lv 5 hatched in FR)
4x spiritomb newly hatched
4x newly hatched piplup
4x newly hatched munchlax
5x newly hatched aipom
Crobat — Lv 100
Palkia — Lv 100
Raichu — Lv 77
Machamp — Lv 70
Luxray — Lv 57
Hitmontop — Lv 20
Lapras(Lane) — Lv 50
Alakazam — Lv 46

all pokemon are legit

Also just let me know if you need someone else, i might have it because i have a lot of pokemon.

My FC is: 1375 4635 7800
my name is jesse

kenspong answers:

Ill give u all 3 johto starters for ur hitmontop and palkia or machamp, my fc is 0945 9722 1957 names adam

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