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Susan asks…

i need help with US History Review from 2x-4x) the amount of normal points by making fake questions for yewwww?

ok, so i have finals tomarrow, and i was gone a for a few days, i just got the review from the teacher, im freakin out its due in 8 hours, i wake up in 5, i really need help with this its my WORST subject, i have a C, the final is 20% of my grade it will drop me toa D and i dont want a D because ive never had one. will someone please help me?
ill make a second question and give the person answers the most 2x the points .o. and they answer all of them ill make it 4xs the points im desperate D:

Why didnt the US joint he league of nations after WWI?
What gov. angency regulates our monotary policy?
What is the FX market Who participates in it?
What event truiggerd the great depression
What where the underlying causes of the great depression?
Define the following New Deal programs/legilation and what did they do?
What event ended the great depression?
what where the causes of WWII?
Waht event triggerd WWII?What event caused the US to join?
What nations were part of the allies?
what nations joined the Axis powers?
What sraratgey did the U.S. use to defeat Japan
What was the holo-nvm i know that one xp
List names of important allied leaders/generals
on what 2 cities did us drop the atomic bombs?
what were effects of wwii
durring what year was wwii fought?
what did these peolle do and who where they
herbert hoover
FRD (franklin D Roosavlet)
Harry S turman
dwight esinhower
joseph stalin
aldolph hitler
Define imperialism
why did the us experiment with imperlisim in the 1890s?
what events did the sinking of the US Maine trigger?
what territory did the US gain durring the Spianish American war?
what is an anti-imperialist?
what did the open door polocy do to trade with china?
what are the general causes of the great war?
who where the allies durring the great war?
who were the central powers durring the great war?
what were the major charateristics on the 1920’s?
what invention had the most effect on the 1920’s?
what were major reasons fo tr the spainish-amrican war?
why did peace efforts in the 1920’s and the 1930’s fail?
nureberg trials
GI bill of rights
manhattan project
yellow journalism
san jaun hill
battle of brittain
battle of the atlantic
bounus army

kenspong answers:

1. US wasn’t happy with the other terms of the Treaty of Versailles, most importantly the issue of war reparations
2. Federal Reserve
3. Im not sure
4. Immediate cause was the stock market collapse in 1929
5. Mismanagement of the Federal Reserve (they shrunk the monetary supply by 1/3) and overspending
6. SEC – not sure
TVA – Tennessee Valley Authority – government controlled power generation facility
SSA – Social Security Administration – established retirement benefits in the form of Social Security
FDIC- Federal Deposit Insurance Commission – government guarantees the safety of all deposits into banks up to $250,000
7. Debatable, many would say World War II
8. Rise of militarism, ethnic conflict, fascism, left over WWI conflicts
9. German invasion of Poland prompted England and France to join. US joined after Japanese Pearl Harbor attack in 1941
10. Allies- US, Britain, France, later USSR, Canada, Australia, China
11. Axis – Germany, Italy, Japan
12. US used “island hopping” to gain Japanese islands and ultimately the atomic bomb
13. Holocaust
14. Eisenhower – Supreme Allied Commander, Winston Churchill – major British leader, FDR – US president
15. Nagasaki and Hiroshima
16. Cold War, consumerism
17. 1941 – 1945 (US involvement)
18. Hoover – US president who was largely inactive during the early years of the depression
FDR – US president who initiated “New Deal” reforms and served during WWII
Truman – US president who served during the conclusion of WWII, decided to drop the atomic bombs
Eisenhower – Supreme Allied Commander during WWII and later US president
Hirohito – Japanese emperor during WWII
Hitler – leader of the Nazi party, instituted the Holocaust, sought German global domination
Stalin – authoritarian, oppressive, murderous and cruel leader of the USSR
19. Imperialism – the exploitation of a land, people or country for the sole benefit of a foreign power
20. US tried to create a nation to send some of the ex-slaves back to Africa
21. Triggered the Spanish American War
22. The Philippines
23. A person who does not believe in or fights imperialist values or actions
24.”Opened the door” for the rest of the world to trade with China
25. Militarism, secret alliances, ethnic conflict
26. Allies- US, Britain, France, others
27. Central – Prussia, Germany, Austro-Hungary
28. Prohibition, gangsters/crime, illegal alcohol trade, consumerism, like the 1950’s
29. Not sure, probably radio
30. American imperial desires to gain new territory and trade with exotic places
31. Many disagreements and different situations among victorious countries

nuremberg trials – trials of accused Nazis
GI bill of rights – establishment of benefits (education,healthcare) for veterans
manhattan project – code name for American research on the atomic bomb
lusitania – passenger ship that was shot down by German U-boats, pushing the US into WWI
yellow journalism – practice referring to William Randolph Hearst and others of using any means necessary to report the new story
nationalism – exaltation and desire to glorify and promote the state at all costs
isolationism – practice of a country remaining unattached to others’ affairs
san juan hill – location of key battle of Spanish American War
Battle of Britain – aerial conflicts during WW1
Battle of the Atlantic – naval conflict during WW1
D-Day – large scale amphibious invasion of Nazi controlled France (specifically Normandy) in 1944
bounus army – ?
Philippines – island nation of East Asia, secured by the US after the Spanish American war
Hawaii – site of key naval base of the US, site of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

Ken asks…

forex market, good, bad, scam?

is that 4x made easy program for trading on the forex markey any good? anyone had any experiences with it?

kenspong answers:

If you do not check a company before entering into a transaction,
you could lose your money, time and credibility. Some widely used resources are the Better Business Bureau ( and the national fraud center ( These days, you can easily find out more about a company using the internet in a few minutes. From a company’s website, you can get details about its ownership how old the company really is and feedback from the company’s customers. You can find more,detailed information about a company at

Helen asks…

Eevee into espeon on fire red and unable to trade?

Hi, This is two question match into one!
FOR Q1: I have a lil eevee, a male, i think a hardy nature, and lv 62 or 63 i think…. I give it soothe bell, give it vitiams everytime it evoles till it won’t take it anymore, groom it, ask Daisy how it doing; she says ” It’s beyond happy it can’t be anymore happy then it possible is or something like that i think……, It faint once! but i take it either to the pokemon center or give it review and give it super potion or hyper potion or full restore! then i evole it into a flareon, breed it w/ a ditto, got 5 eevee’s and 2 out 5 i evole into jolteon and vapreon, so now i have 3 eevee’s left and i’m training one i think or all 3… Q1: anyway… some person from my group told me that i’m can evole my eevee w/out trading it is that true and if it’s how?
FOR Q2: i can’t trade! yes, i beat the pokemon league 4x, capture mewtwo, and give celio the ruby and saphire gems, so q2: why can’t i trade from fire red into saphire? PLZ HELP ME W/ Q1+Q2!!
i have the national pokedex
for q1: on pokemon fire red though?
i usted the action replay to get the national replay should i start over?

kenspong answers:

Q1: I’m pretty sure it’s true, I think it has to be happy to evolve into an Espeon or the other one. Which one it is depends on the time of the day.
Q2: It might have learned a move that isn’t in Sapphire.

Donna asks…

How EXACTLY does a Margin Account work?

Straight up answer please. I’ve been really confused with the answers that I’ve been getting. Is Margin an add-on or a status like day trading or is it an extra account besides the regular trading one?

Someone help me with this please. Examples appreciated.

Say I have $5000.00 in my existing account, I can buy $20000.00 worth of stocks right? buying power is 4x greater than your actual money right?

BUT, if the stocks I bought decrease in value, I have to come up with the differences? Say I bought $20000.00 with $5000.00 being my real money and the total value after decrease is $15000.00, I have to find extra $5000.00 to put there at the end of day?

But if I sold everything before the end of day, I don’t have to pay any differences? What about interests?

nachoz, if it’s borrowed money, why do I have to pay the difference at the end of the day? Since it’s borrowed, I can use it however i want right?
YARDBIRD, if I sold everything by the end of the day, I wouldn’t have to come up w/ the 2 k right? This only applies IF i hold securities over night correct?

kenspong answers:

If you have 5K cash in your account, you can buy 10K worth of stocks. Most brokers have reduced their margin limits since the recent crisis. 50% margin is all you can hope for. If your margin percentage falls below 50%, then you have to deposit more money or sell some stock. So if you borrow 5K, and your total account value falls to 8K, then your margin percentage rises to 62.5%. You would need to add 2K to your account or sell some stock.

Also, your broker will charge you interest on the borrowed money monthly.

Lizzie asks…

Cycling while pulling 80 lbs – How much weight loss?

I am starting a new diet which includes cutting meat out of my diet 4x a week, a smoothie consisting of fruit yogurt, various fruits, wheat germ (protein and fiber), apple juice and prune juice. I am trading in real meat for veggie meats, which seem to be high in sodium. With these changes being made, I have also started doing Pilate’s and biking while pulling my two kids (total of 80lbs) in a bike trailer behind me to make it more challenging. I ride through the countryside by my home which is roads that are hilly and flat, both. Anyone have any idea what the weight loss ratio would be? How long to lose how many pounds and inches? My goal is to lose 20 – 30 lbs. I’ve gianed 40 pounds this year since January 1 and haven’t changed my diet any than any other year. 5’7″ – 155 lbs. Want to be 130 lbs. And I need to drop 2 pants sizes.

kenspong answers:

My first stop would be wikipedia or google for a quick reference. I actually had a similar question not even 5 days ago, but I couldn’t find the answer. If it’s possible, try getting help from someone with more knowledge/experience/expertise, like a professional if it’s possible. This can be pretty important.

I saw a forum with this online, but I didn’t have time to read it all. Try checking it out. I want to help out more, but I’m not 100% sure about the answer. Sorry I’m not much help. I hope you found your answer! Good luck! JS

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