Your Questions About 4x Trading

Lizzie asks…

What program(s) are available which are similar to “4x Made Easy” (a ‘trading’ software program).

The program would be less expensive then the “4x Made Easy” one. And the reason why I ask is b/c an aquaintance said he would give me 20 bucks if I found a cheap program he could buy someplace. I don’t even know what 4x is. I can’t wait to read the responces to this question.
Just for the record I have no personal interest in trading/foreign exchange or any thing of that nature. In my honest opinion I would tell my buddy to think twice about his interest in these types of ventures at this point in his investment experience. However I think it would be misinterpreted as me saying “you don’t know what you are getting into so try something a little more at the beginers level…” which may sound as if I have no confidence in him. The fact that he knows I love to go online and go on things like yahoo answers is the reason why he asked me to find out if their is a program comparable to 4x available out there. The 20 bucks is a nice gester. I probably will just tell him to pick me up starbucks one day. After googling 4x I knew this would be a controversial question. Oh well.

kenspong answers:

THIS IS NOT SPAM! The lady asked a Q. I’m giving my honest opinion.

4X is short for “Foreign Exchange”, which also trades currencies/money.

There’s a very old – yet true – saying:
You get what you pay for!

I HAVE a Global-Tec product – WizeTrade. Its for stocks.

4X Made Easy is another software program offered by Global-Tec Solutions.

BUT its not only the software which I love – its the following:
1] Computer-generated, subscriber-supported television programming for 12 hours each business day.

2] This programming also has On-Demand training – as well as other wonderful features – including chart evaluation.

3] A WONDERFUL network of User Groups – throughout the U.S. And around the world!

4] We have a members only trading chat room.

5] We have monthly meetings at various libraries. We learn from each other. What to do and what not to do. AND HOW to do it!

I could go on and on. I MIGHT get reported for SPAM, BUT in this particular instance, I’m not typing anything which isn’t true.


Is there a software program out therre which is less expensive? I’m sure there is, but I’m happy with the program I’m currently using AND there are other members of our trading group who use other GT products. I don’t hear anyone complaining.

Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

Ron Berue
Yes, that is my real last name!

Lisa asks…

4X I’m an initiate in commodities trading. Please inform me how to purchase oil futures for an extended time.

I wish to purchase about $50,000 worth of oil futures for approximately a 6 month hold. How does the futures market allow for a long term/medium term hold. What do I have which shows my original purchase price and amount purchased vs. my final selling price and amount owned. Is online trading and purchasing available and if so how is it done and what brokerage house offers the option. Please school me as best you can on futures purchasing of oil as quickly as possible.

kenspong answers:

If you are truly who U say U are then why are you asking such a question on the i net? You work for a future investment co. Then go see your boss and ask him. You will shine in his eyes for trying to find out about these thing.

Michael asks…

day trading buying power?

hello fellow stock traders

first of all, let me start by saying that thanks whomever is providing me with some answers

currently i am interested in opening a new stock account with any broker with 30 thousand dollar with the sole purpose of day trading with it.

from my past trading experiences, i have never actually paid attention to the effect of closing positions intraday and how that relates to the buying power in an account. so here are my questions to you guys

1. with normal margin, i will be granted overall overnight buying power of 60k for the day, is that correct?

2. if i open a position on a security valuing 30 thousand, then close that position, for the sake of this example, got exactly 30 thousand back, what would my buying power be on a normal margin account. 30k? or 60k?
i.e. will my buying power be replenished as i close positions intraday.

3. if i sign up with a broker, it will only be 5 days before i will be labeled as a pattern day trader, with the responsibility of keeping my account above 25 thousand at all times. with 30 thousand dollars, i will be granted 120 thousand in buying power, same as the example above, and just clarify things, if i open an position for 30 thousand and then close that position for 30 thousand again, will my buying power be back up to 120 thousand again, or is it at 90 thousand.

does opening and closing positions intraday affect day trading buying power ?

additionally, if you could include some winning and losing examples in securities in regard to the buying power and its restoration through out the day, that would be really helpful.

i guess the bottom line question is: is the 4x day trading buying power the maximum value of initial security investment on the day, or is it the maximum position that can be opened together and go back up as positions are closed throughout the day, so that i will be allowed to trade in other securities if opportunity present itself.

sorry about the long email, but i just want to be sure of everything before opening an account, the sec rule is not very clear on the matter on how day trading buying power works. just the minimum 25 thousand deposit.

hopefully i will hear some great answers from the stock veterans out there.

hey, 30 k is not much in the world of stock, but everybody got start from somewhere

kenspong answers:

Hi there.
What I found is that brokerage firms use a quite complicated formula to calculate your trading power every day. This becomes more complicated if you trade options (which many traders do to ‘stretch’ their capital). Speak to a really good platform like think or swim and they can answer your question precisely based on your examples above.

Also run an excellent service teaching you how to day trade and become a consistantly profitable trader. They charge less than the cost of a tank of gas a month and they are for so honest and for real that they post the results of their day trading lessons every day on their website. Ask any one else for their results and see if you get them! I joined them 6 months ago and havent looked back.

Good luck to you, and wish you the best!

Robert asks…

i saw that the iraqi dinar was listed on your currency exchange. When will it be traded pubicly? on the 4x?

When will it be traded pubicly? on the 4x

kenspong answers:

No he means pubicly. The currency will be traded on the secondary market along with pubic hairs.

Maria asks…

im nwe to forex trading can u make your 1st million by forex trading and can i talk to someone trading now?

need help to make a decision about gettin into 4x

kenspong answers:

Follow the advice of Jim Rogers .

Buy a currency ETF .

Do not gamble in stocks or currencies.

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