Your Questions About 4x Trading

William asks…

Do you know what this song is? 10 pts right answer?

im thinking the title would be “good life”

If I were you I’d be taking it easy
Kick back and relax for a little while
We’ll all still be here tomorrow
Take time just to act like a little child
No matter what the world has in store for us
You got the ring that better get off of us
Reach out for a comfortable chair
Rejoice throw your arms in the air

‘Cause it’s a good life so why y’all trippin’
The good life’s slippin’ away

It’s a good life so why y’all trippin’
The good life’s slippin’ away (repeat 2 times)

If your boss is giving you pressure
Let go, take a breather in the park
You’ve got to find out what’s your pleasure
In time you’ll be singing like a lark
Pretty soon your sorry will chime for all
Somebody will need your call
Reach out for a comfortable chair
Rejoice throw your arms in the air

‘Cause it’s a good life so why y’all trippin’
The good life’s slippin’ away

It’s a good life so why y’all trippin’
The good life’s slippin’ away (repeat 4 times)

Trade in some misery for some tender lovin’ care
Cast aside those cloudy days, fusses are hard to bear
Make up your mind or get a whole new lease on life
Reach out for a comfortable chair
Rejoice and throw your arms in the air

It’s a good life so why y’all trippin’
The good life’s slippin’ away (repeat 4x’s)

i want to know who the ORIGINAL artist is
jesse mccartney did a remake of the song, but thats not the one im looking for

kenspong answers:

The original artist is the Getaway People

Daniel asks…

I have a huge son. He is 6′ 10 in. and weights 350 lbs…..?

He just finished Spartan Aeronautics, a trade school in Tulsa, Ok. He is so big and my budget to get clothes and shoes for him is limited. He wears a size 17/18 in shoes and 3x /4x in tops. He is a 48 in the waist and 34 in length. He works as a teller for a bank but it is not enough for the cost of his clothes and shoes. He is trying to make enough money to get his license to work on planes (which are in the thousands) to go into an apprenticeship program. Is there a charity or a donor out there that can help us. I thought about NFL or NBA to help us out? His dad is disabled and we have a child that has Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy and Autism. We are on a limited income. Help!!
My husband has cancer and I am tied into my little girl so I can’t do no more than what I can do. I like Inferno suggestion about my son becomming a bouncer! He was born Huge. He weighed almost 11lbs as a baby and I nursed him. That was all he had. The doc says he will probably stop growing at 24 yrs of age. He eats good and a lot for his size. His upper Torso is longer than his legs.

kenspong answers:

1 – He needs to go get a job where he makes more money.

Outcome > income = debt. Simple math. MY nephew is equally as large, but makes a really good living as a bouncer and a security guard. Who wants to mess with anyone that large? Tell him to get a part time job as one of those for more income until he is able to obtain his license.

3 – there are charities, but they typically do not provide clothese that large since they rely on donations.

Good luck.

James asks…

How Much would i get for my Laptop?

I Have a Dell Inspiron 1501 that i bought april of last year, and Dell will Not trade it because its Been a year and 3 months and they will only except it before the year is up!! (how stupid is that??) Anyways i tried to cut it on yesterday and for some reason it wont cut on (i haven’t dropped it or anything) I recently bought 2GB of memory for it (along with a firewire Adapter), and these are the features it lists it Includes

15.4 WXGA TrueLife (1280×800)
AMD Turion TL50 1.6GHz 2×256 Cache
ATI-M 1150 256MB HM
120GB 5400rpm Western Digital hard drive
802.11b/g wireless
Ports: 4x USB2.0, microphone and headphone jack, monitor-out, 3-in-1 card reader, modem and ethernet
6 cell battery

How Much could i get for it?…How would i go about Clearing all my personal Information off of it before selling it? Where is the best place to sell it?
-THANKS In Advance Everyone

kenspong answers:

If it won’t start, try these steps to get it to run. Will considerably boost worth if it works…

1. Take out the battery and unplug
2. Press the power button
3. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds
4. Put battery back in and start as normal
5. Go to, support and drivers, find your model and download the bios update for your model.

David asks…


I drive a old 1991 Saturn which I was found very cheap a year ago and jumped on it, it was my first car, and it’s been in my name since. The car has been great and served it’s purpose to the fullest extent, in the way that it’s gotten me from place to place, but it’s had problems since I drove off in it.
The cradle is bent which creates 4x wear and tear on the tires because it causes the wheel to pull to the right screwing up my alignment. It’s missing valve seals or caps or something like that, so I have to put oil it at LEAST 2 times a week. Now it’s starting to overheat at red lights and when i make stops, and when it starts to overheat the air turns off, but as soon as i start going again it cools back down. It’s just all around a piece of junk
I’m 19 now, I have a job, steady income, and I go to college 2 days a week. My college is an hour away from my house, so I really need a more dependable vehicle. I have no financial help. I do live w/ parents for free. But I have car insurance to pay, cell phone, credit card, tuition, books, and fees for school, monthly medicine and many other misc. unexpected expenses, so I am responsible and am capable. I just felt the need to explain why I want to buy a new car first because what teenager doesn’t want a new car? And I can imagine adults reading this thinking, “yeah, she’s young and doesn’t know what she’s thinking.” And that’s usually true, but not only do I want a new car I really need one. I could pay to have my car fixed but I’ve been told by the last mechanic who looked at it that fixing it would cost more than it’s actually worth so why not spend the money on something that’s going to last. . So, obviously, I have nothing to trade in, so what’s the best way for me, an independent 19yr old college student, to go about purchasing a new vehicle?

Should I go ahead and buy a brand new car? That way I’d have warranty and all, and wouldn’t have to worry about it always breaking down.

How do I go about getting a loan?

Should I go through my bank? Should I go through someone else? Car dealer? What would be a good deal as far as interest?

How much is my insurance and taxes going to go up?

Is it possible to get low payments a mo? like 150?

What’s the kind of things. places, people I should avoid?

What will the dealers not tell you?

What can I expect to pay up front?

I’ve heard the newer the car the more the taxes and stuff will be, BUT the older the car the lower insurance is. So doesn’t it all eventually even out?

kenspong answers:

Well, without either a cosigner or a substantial down payment, a new car is not really an option. Since you’re only 19, your credit limit and lack of history will cause you the most frustration.

As far as getting a loan, the first place I would check is your bank or credit union. They will sometimes offer pre-approvals, however most will still require a cosigner. A payment of $150 is extremely low even for someone with an 850 FICO, however all payments are based on the amount to finance, the term, and the rate.

Dealer financing might be the only way to get a car if you have no other alternative, however the rate will typically be pretty high and many won’t report your loan to the credit bureau’s unless you default.

I would really try to find someone willing to help you because if they do so, it can really raise your chances at being approved as well as give you more options. Good luck and you can email if you have questions. You’ll probably get a few good answers, so hopefully someone is able to help you

Jenny asks…

“America is the greatest economic and military power the world has ever seen” U.S. Pres. B. Obama —?

said this at his presidential inauguration and it can hardly be denied. Yet there are those who say, ‘it has yet to be determined if God has indeed blessed America’.
Creation was 4004 years before Christ according to the chronology of the bible(Ussher) Christians believe it has been around 6000 years since “In the beginning”.
Since God created the heavens and earth and all that is in them in 6 days and rested on the 7th as a sign for all His works(Ez20:12) – and – a day is as 1000 years and 1000 years is as a day(1P3:8,Ps90) – it would make perfect sense that after 6000 years God would bring about the destruction of nations and set up Christs’ 1000 year, 7th ‘day’, millennial reign as spoken of in Rev20.

The book ‘The Revelation’, the last book of the bible, is about those last times before Christ does set up His kingdom.

There is nothing new in this book, for, as it is written in Ecc1:9 & 3:15 (TWICE=’established by God'[Gen41:32]) ‘what has been done is what will be done’.

Babylon of Revelation is NOT a ‘church’, it is NOT Rome (empire – kingdom)
Babylon of old was the greatest economic and military power the world had seen to that time, given dominion for 70 years (Israels’ ‘captivity’), ‘given over’ by God to the persians when they (babylonians) turned from Him (Dan5)

Babylon of Revelation is called a ‘harlot’ because of departing(Hs1:2,Ps18:21,Dn9:5&11) from God – certainly “We are endowed by our Creator”, but now ‘monkeys are our fathers’ can be considered ‘departing from God’, as a nation. God ‘raises up nations and throws down kingdoms’, and His judgments are against nations.
Babylon of Revelation is a ‘mystery’ because when the revelation was given 2000 years ago the new world would not be discovered for another 1500 years and John knew not the land he was being shown. And I have heard it being said. ‘Why is a great nation like the USA not written about in the bible?’ It seems to be a mystery!

Israels’ ‘captivity[70 years]’ was brought again [revived] 5*14*1948A.D., 3 years after America was given dominion at the end of WW2 (twice) when it dropped A-bombs(twice) to win the war.

“Death to America!” – Irans'[persia]& islams(Ps83:5-8)’ battle-cry was founded 3 years after America celebrated its 200th year of being ‘endowed by our Creator’.

The entire ‘Babylon is Rome’ is ridiculous – Was God or Christ afraid of the roman empire that They dare not speak against it? of course not! They were speaking of Babylon, a ‘nation(10xJer51)’, a ‘land(7xJer51)’ as told in the prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah, not Rome.

Rome does not dwell by many waters(Jer51:13) but the USA? – Two oceans, one gulf and the 5 great lakes.

God does the times in ‘weeks of’ days, years, weeks of years(Lev25:8; 7×7=49; 4x) –
a creation day (7 total)
a creation week (7 days)
the ‘days of heaven above the earth’ (Dt11:21,Ps89:29) – 7000 years, the entirety of time,Ecc3:11
Jacob served for each wife 7 years
It took 7 years to build the House of God in Jerusalem by Solomon
It took 7 years (1776-1783) to establish the USA (‘by our Creator’)
It was 7 years [to the day!] from 9/11 to the ‘financial meltdown’

take the bible as God speaks it – PLAINLY (Dt27:8,Hb2:2,Nh8:8,Nu12:8,Isa45:19)

National issues & prophecy
illegal immigration – Jer51:14, against Babylon
debt – Jer51:13
international trade – Rev18
obesity – Jer50:11,Isa10:16 +many others
terrorism – Lev26

twice – established by God; twin towers, boom boom, NY NY

If America be the ‘Mystery’ Babylon who or what is the ‘red beast’ with 7 heads and 10 horns(Ps83:5-8) and a blasphemous name(‘allah’) on its heads to which Babylon is given over? Could it be islam and their ‘Great Sword(Rev6:4)’?

There are 7 churches in Rev2-3, not one of them is called Babylon, so Babylon does not represent ANY church, but a great NATION, ‘that great city’

Babylon is as God calls it, a ‘land’, a ‘nation’, not a false religion, though in departing from God, the people turn to gods that are not gods (idols – ‘American Idol’ #1 TV show)

Has this ‘mystery’ been revealed?
America will be overthrown by islam, not china, within the decade. China will help to make the ‘Almighty dollar’ of no value to its holders.
God tells us plainly about America in Rev17 & 18 – very plainly so that it fits perfectly!
@GSinG – there is much testimony in the bible concerning the short time span of 70 years in the captivity of the nation of Israel – ss much for your assertion.
@ Enigma – China has kept to itself, as you say, for 1975 out of the past 2000 years and has never been a regional (outside its own) power – and the comparison is to Babylon and its 70 year dominion.
@ caesar – ad hominum attacks only show a lack of facts or understanding of the question on your part. You really addressed nothing of what I wrote.
@ Enigma again – you are right! there is no comparison, I am talking apples and you are bringing tomatoes.

kenspong answers:

China was the greatest economic and military power the world had ever seen. Rome, when at the height of its power, its push to the east was stopped when the Roman legionaries were crushed by the Han trade expedition in the Battle of Sogdania in 36 BC. By 166 AD, Rome sent diplomatic missions to China (6 missions in total).
Out of the last 2000 years of written human history, China dominated for 1800 years, and for 500 years from the 15th to 19th century, it accounted for 30% of the world’s GDP and was the most affluent nation. Marco Polo wrote on the wonders of China, and it fired the imaginations of the West, especially Columbia, in trying to find a sea-route to the Far East. After the West found the way to the Far East, the British, Dutch, Spanish, French, etc vied to trade with China for its exotic goods. When most of these nations ran out of silver, they forced the opium trade.
No nation, except China, maintained an empire for 2000 years, especially by its own single race. No nation could become so great by virtue of a single race and no nation has 5000 years of continuous civilization. What is America’s 50 years of greatness compared to more than 2000 of China’s? There is no comparison.

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