Your Questions About 4x Trading

Sandra asks…

If you are the breadwinner in your household…?

Husband is the breadwinner in our household. He makes about 4X what I make. I feel like I need to do something, like most of the chores, to kind of make up for it. We work about the same amount of hours in a week.

My jobs are laundry, dishes, vacuuming, washing windows, picking up mail, dusting, sweeping, taking dogs to vet, and other errands (post office, bank whatever) and paying “my bills”

Husband takes care of household bills, takes out garbage, yardwork (cuz he likes it and I hate it), and the cars (changing oil, rotating tires, etc.)

Does that seem fair? Like a good trade-off or should I have him do more?

I’ve been doing it for the last 8 years and he seems happy about it.
I don’t think “happy” about is the right word. I just do it.

kenspong answers:

You mean men aren’t supposed to do almost everything on top of working a full-time job? WTF?!?! I’m being jipped!!!

Charles asks…

Can someone get me a fire cape?

I will pay you 500k in game for getting me a fire cape. I’ve died on Jad 4x and I’m sick of failing. I will fill my inventory with whatever you need, just get on and do it and I will trade your username 500k (via buying ur junk or a large item for well over mid price).
Email me if you are interested, my email is

It should be easy to get the firecape with my stats if you are good at it.
89 Range
84 Defence
85 Attack/Strength
88 Magic
88 HP

I can get whatever items you would possibly need.

Thanks so much, you’re a life saver!

kenspong answers:

You’re going to get hacked.

Lisa asks…

Help understanding stock numbers?

I’m looking at a write up on the Royal Bank of Canada (TSX:RY) which lists the following information for this stock:

1. dividend of 4.6%,
2. trades at 11.4x earnings

How do they get these numbers? The stock traded at $49.80 at the time of the write up.

kenspong answers:

RY pays a dividend of $2.16 per year. So the price must have been $46.96 when they did the calculation.

RY is expected to earn $4.10 per share next year. So its price is 11.4 times its expected earnings.

Mark asks…

rate my pokemon team?

well i dont usually ask for help with my pokemon team since i know from personal experince that it works but id like to get opinons on any thing i can do to make them better.

lead pokemon- swampert 252atk 252hp 6def
waterfall (for stab)
earthquake (also for stab)
ice punch ( to deal with his 4x weakness to grass though since i usally would swap him out so its mainly for all those damn dragons)
stealth rock (it’s just an awesome move)
held item leftovers

houndoom 252sp.atk 252sp 6hp
flamethrower (stab)
dark pulse (stab)
nasty plot (this move is what makes him so dangerous)
roar (to help remove any slower pokemon that he is weak to, but also works well with stealth rocks)
held item focus sash

togekiss 252sp.atk 128sp.def 128def
thunder wave( a must have for me since serene grace makes her the best para-flincher)
air slash(stab and along with thunder wave can make an opponent want to kill themself) haha
aura sphere( though it doesn’t get any bonus from togekiss ability it’s still a must have to deal with his rock and ice weakness while also being able to hit steel types hard)
silver wind ( it’s more a less a filler move that i put in here since along with togekiss ability it has a good chance to raise all stats , but id be willing to replace it if anyone has any better ideas)
item leftovers

snorlax 252hp 128at 128sp def
curse( raises both attack and defense in exchange for speed , its the perfect move for snorlax)
crunch(deal with ghost types)
body slam( stab and chance of paralysis)
counter( another perfect move for snorlax since most trainers will try and take him out with a physical attack, so if he survives you better watch out unless its close combat then bye bye snorlax)
item leftovers

garchomp 252at 252sp 6hp
earthquake (stab)
dragon claw (stab)
sword dance (after just one or two SD a garchomp becomes the devil himself) haha
brick break(for those ice types and any steel type who uses magnet rise)
item life orb

magnezone 252def 252sp def 6hp
(this pokemons purpose on my team is completly support)
so his moveset is
light screen
explosion(to use when his hp gets low to put a dent in the opponents pokemon and gives me a chance to send out garchomp or houndoom to precced with the sweep with the help of the dual screens)
thunder wave( mainly just a filler since magnezone’s main purpose is as a dual screener)
held item light clay

well thats my team and i would appreciate if you gave your oppinion and any advice is you have any though i honestly probably wont change much unless it’s really good advice 🙂 haha

p.s. if anyone is intrested in trading or battling just message me
i removed roar from houndoom after i found it always go second and replaced it with will-o-wisp
yea i have a magmortar but houndoom feels a better role in this time since he has flash fire and better speed. and rhyperior is good but i already have two ground types and im not getting rid of swampert and garchomp there just both to damn good for me to not have on my team

kenspong answers:

This team is really nice but you should try for rhypherior and magmortar this pokemon are powerhouse and powerful against elite 4 too. Your team is also powerful.

Lizzie asks…

Who Out There Thinks Allen Iverson is better than Kobe?

I for one do. Kobe is a really good player, but there is no comparison as to who is the better player. I am talking about now and careerwise. Here, is why I think Iverson is better than Kobe.

Kobe is known as a scorer and him and Iverson came in the same year. In fact, if Kobe would have gone to college he would have played against AI in Georgetown. Anyways, look at there offensive accomplishments.

AI 3rd in NBA in PPG (Kobe is 24), AI 20th in NBA in total points (Kobe is unranked), AI Most 50 pt games by any player in NBA history (At 6″0 thats incredible), 4x Scoring Champ (Kobe 2x), tied for 1st in alltime playoff ppg (Kobe isnt even ranked T.Mac is 4th and Shaq is 3rd), Iverson has had a 60 pt playoff game and a 60 pt regular season game I am sure If he wasnt taken out of the 3rd he could have reached 81 (Kobe shot the ball more than Iverson did in that game)

This is where I do not like that Kobe is 9x all-D and AI is none. Kobe has never led the NBA in any defensive categories. AI has led the NBA in steals a whole bunch of times. Kobe has let Gilbert Arenas, Allan Houston, and Allen Iverson go off on him. AI has faced Baron Davis and Jason Kidd (when he was young), and Gilbert Arenas and he has not let them go off on him. Allen Iverson with his sucky team embarrassed Kobe in game one he put up 41 pts in the Finals. Kobe has been in more playoff and finals games and could not put up 40 pt games and in that game with Iverson he had a 9 pt game.

Other Accolades:
Kobe 11x Allstar – Iverson has 9 but he would have 11. He was traded from East to West right before the All-star game and he was injured for the All-star games the following year.

1X MVP for each of them. Iverson’s MVP was more spectacular because that was one of the most memorable final runs and playoffs ever. AI alone bet Reggie Miller and Jermaine O’Neal, Vince Carter, and Ray Allen, Sam Cassell, Michael Redd, Glenn Robinson, and Tim Thomas.

AI Rookie of the Year

Also, for those of you that have said Kobe didnt score much in his career because of Shaq having most the touches. That is bull because when Iverson entered the league he played w/ Jerry Stackhouse and it was here when Stackhouse led the league in ppg and total points. He shot just as much as Shaq. In fact, both of them fought each other for top in NBA points.

Also, Kobe has been able to beat AI with his teams cause AI has no help. The fact AI went off on Kobe in the Finals putting up 37+ a game and Kobe putting 23+ where he had 2 abysmal games shows AI is better. Philly was a mess and Denver has Melo a good player, but one of the worst work effort and playoff performer I have ever seen. The very fact that AI is 3rd in NBA after Melo takes the bulk of the shots shows AI is still better than Kobe. He can be a 30+ ppg player if he was still in Philly. Iverson is better now than he was back then he shoots 47% from the field and passes more.

Back to Philly,
PG. Snow
SF. George Lynch
PF. Tyrone Hill
C. Mutombo (Old)

– Come on you have got to be kidding me this team was garbage the very fact he beat the Lakers in one game is an accomplishment. And unlike Kobe who led his underdogs against the Celtics this year. AI was never blowed out by a team in the Lakers far better than his like Kobe’s Lakers were too the Celtics.

PG. Fisher
SG. Kobe
SF. Fox
PF. Horry
C. Shaq

—This team is better than todays Lakers and AI dominated, so much so in a losing effort the NBA was considering giving him Finals MVP before Shaq got it. Shaq even said, AI is the real deal.

Also, for all this shit that Kobe makes his teammates better I do not see it. All I see is Kobe yelling at them and sucking out their confidence putting the games on his shoulder. AI is a better assist man and do you honestly think Aaron McKie would have won 6th man of the year w/o AI. Did Kobe ever give someone a 6th man of year award?

The truth is if Shaq played with AI or even Butler, Odom, or Gasol AI would be a champ. They play d and work hard unlike Melo who to me is overrated and not deserving of a Allstar role Ron ARtest and Maggette are just as good if not better thanMelo.

Just like, AI > Kobe

kenspong answers:

I am soooo glad im not the only one here that thinks that allen iverson is better than kobe, very impressed i agree with you 1,000%, don’t listen to all these people who say other wise, sh!t all that info you have is enough said about that, that proves a.i. Is better PERIOD, kobe is having his shinning moment right now and because so people are forgetting about other great players, believe me when i say this that their are I REPEAT THEIR ARE A LOT OF BASKETBALL PLAYERS IN THE NBA THAT ARE BETTER THAN KOBE BRYANT!!!!!! I appreciate you saying this!!!!!!

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