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Your Questions About Forex Trading Books

Paul asks… What is the best book on FOREX trading for beginner? Hi, the question states it all, I am new to trading at its definition and would like to get into it. And I was wondering if you guys could recommend to start besides the practice trades that they run as a promo right […]

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Your Questions About Forex Robot Trading

John asks… Realistic Forex profits? I’m looking to start trading Forex (first with a robot and eventually manually.) I’f I open a live account with $500, would it be realistic to turn that into a $1000 account in 3 or 4 months? I’ve done a little bit of the math and that would only be […]

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Your Questions About Forex Trading Scams

William asks… what is the best way to learn about forex trading? i would like to learn to trade forex but dont want to sign up to any scams that say they deliver but dont and just take your money,is there any real genuine help out there. kenspong answers: Playing Forex can appear alluring, but […]

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