wanton destruction

Your Questions About Uk Tourism Sites

Sandy asks… Are you for or against ultra-modernization of Makkah and Medina? Most Muslims worldwide eagerly support ultra-modernization of these two cities. Are they serious? http://www.razarumi.com/2010/02/10/the-destruction-of-holy-sites-in-mecca-medina-destroying-islamic-heritage/ The Destruction of Holy Sites in Mecca & Medina – Destroying Islamic Heritage http://imtiazameen.wordpress.com/tag/dr-irfan-al-alawi/ Wanton Destruction of Islamic Heritage Extract: “…Muslims were outraged after the publication of Danish Cartoons […]

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The Summer of our Discontent

Scenes of Discontent as: violence and destruction, looting, and assault fill the newspapers, TV and Radio. Where is this, you ask – Congo, Zimbabwe, South Africa??? No, it’s in that green land called England.  Beginning in London, and now spreading to other cities in the UK, we are seeing the venting of discontent as anger […]

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