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Your Questions About Olympics Locations

Sandy asks… Whats with the Olympics being Protested? Someone please put it in a Summary why the Olympics are being protested. Isn’t it suppost to be a honor to have the Olympics in your location or something? Whats going on? kenspong answers: Cnn and fox news is covering $hit up and making china sound bad […]

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Your Questions About Olympics 2016

Carol asks… Why do you think that Chicago isn’t going to host the 2016 Olympics? I think it wasn’t chosen because the 2010 Winter Olympics and the 2012 Summer Olympics are both already in English speaking countries, Canada and England respectively. The Russian 2014 Winter Olympics were the only non-English speaking Olympics before Brazil got […]

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Your Questions About Olympics 2014

James asks… how much would it roughly cost to attend the winter olympics in 2014? I’ve been looking into attending the 2014 olympics in Russia and wanted to know how much it would cost so I know how much i need to save up. How much would it cost including the ticket, hotel stay, transportation, […]

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