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Your Questions About Uk Tourists Places

William asks… What are the best tourist places in the UK? I’m from Australia and I’m planning on spending around 3 months in the UK in december – february in 2010/2011. What are the best places towns/cities for tourists to go to? and how long should i spend in each place? I want to travel […]

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Your Questions About What Months Are Summer In The Uk

Chris asks… what is the weather like in the magnac laval, the limousin region of france in the summer months? is it much different to the uk?? kenspong answers: June and july can be sunny and hot (“30°) but sometimes it’s cloudy(21°) Laura asks… What is the summer period in UK (Which month to which […]

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Your Questions About When Does Summer In The Uk Start

Lisa asks… When does summer offically start in UK (2009)? I Am wondering when summer starts as i thought i started when the clocks went forward so sunday just gone but some people are saying june, does anyone know when it does start? kenspong answers: Officially “summertime” started yesterday … Not that it means that […]

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