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Your Questions About Morality And Law Uk

Lizzie asks… what were the reforms created by Napoleon in France? after French Revolution, Napolean Bonaparte was the General of the military Pip answers: While Napoleon is often seen in terms of his military image, he was also one of history’s great administrators. Napoleon set out to make France the greatest nation in Europe. To […]

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Your Questions About Olympics 2020

Thomas asks… What are the chances of NYC having a bid in the 2020 olympics? Pip answers: Even if they did, they would be the least favored. Nancy asks… Will the 2020 Summer Olympics be in China again? I love to see China again host the Summer Olympics, this time in Shanghai! This time, they […]

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Your Questions About Uk Tourists Visa

Helen asks… How much will it cost to process my UK Tourist Visa? I’m planning to visit London early next year and I’m thinking if there’s a difference if I’ll let a travel agency process my papers or if I’ll do it myself? I mean will it cost me more with travel agency? I just […]

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