medical tourism

Your Questions About Uk Tourism Visa

Charles asks… Am I allowed to get access to a long stay visa in France for a medical purpose / medical tourism? I am interested in a cosmetic surgery procedure that is very expensive but something I want to do, and I have to travel to France to do it. I need to stay in […]

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Your Questions About Uk Tourism

Mandy asks… UK websites to promote medical tourism? What are the most popular UK websites (blogs, social media etc.) to promote medical tourism? I need websites for tour operators/travel agents that provide this kind of services. Pip answers: A very good and up and coming UK website is called The Clinic Finder and can be […]

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Your Questions About Uk Tourism Statistics

Nancy asks… where to find health tourism statistics? i’m investigating health tourism and need figures and statistics such as how many people in the UK went abroad for health tourism (to get a transplant, cosmetic surgery etc) in say 2005 and 2010, so i can compare the numbers. thanks 🙂 . Pip answers: Hi there, […]

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