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Your Questions About Uk Tourists Places

Donna asks… best tourist places in Uk? Pip answers: Dorset. Sun, sea, sand, history. 2012 sailing Olympics. Night clubs, live music. Come to Portland and Weymouth. Sandy asks… What are the best places to visit in the UK? I’ve been living in York for over a year now and these holidays I’m going to be […]

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Your Questions About Uk Tourists Attractions

Lisa asks… What are the top 10 resorts & tourist attractions in the UK? Top 10 Holiday Resorts Top 10 Tourist attractions in UK or England, it doesn’t matter. Thanks Pip answers: For tourist attractions in UK mainly London:- 1. Buckingham Palace in London 2. Victoria & Alberts Museum in London 3. Thorpe Park in […]

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Your Questions About Summer In The U.k 2010

Steven asks… What are the events, concerts, parties in the UK one’s must go this 2010 Summer? Hello, I’m looking for every events between 25th June and 5th August in the U.K. I should spend a week or a week-end there, so I’m looking for something special. I’ve seen Sonisphere, for instance, and I would […]

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