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Your Questions About Olympics 2020

Thomas asks… What are the chances of NYC having a bid in the 2020 olympics? Pip answers: Even if they did, they would be the least favored. Nancy asks… Will the 2020 Summer Olympics be in China again? I love to see China again host the Summer Olympics, this time in Shanghai! This time, they […]

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Your Questions About Olympics Locations

Ruth asks… Why has london already been chosen for the 2012 olympic games? Didn’t beijing receive their bid in 2006? Why is the london decision coming so early, be fore the 2008 olympics are even over? How are the olympic locations decided on and at what intervals are they decided; always this early? Pip answers: […]

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Your Questions About Olympics

Steven asks… How much is a Canadian Olympic program from the France Olympics year 1924 worth? My father has a framed Canadian Olympic Program from the 1924 Olympics. It’s in very good condition. It could be taken out and flipped through. He is curious about how much it would be worth to a dealer or […]

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