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Your Questions About Forex

Sandy asks… What is the best way to learn FOREX trading? Please leave me a message on courses, systems, etc for learning to trade the FOREX market. Thanks! kenspong answers: Why not practice first and try some for free check this out Susan asks… How does Forex trading works and how can a layman […]

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Your Questions About Forex Rates

Ken asks… Forex Market Manipulation – How easy is it for Brokers to Manipulate Currency Rates & Feeds? Most of my trades are in the London and New York session. kenspong answers: If you’re dealing with a market maker then it’s quite easy for the broker to manipulate feeds and delay orders. ‘Dealing desk execution’ […]

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Your Questions About Forexpros

Robert asks… choosing a fund manager? – i came across this list of fundmanagers – anyone have any personal experience with any of them. How should ii decide which to choose? kenspong answers: This is nothing more than a board for advertising assuming all the funds are not tied to the same person, group […]

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