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Well How About That!

Here at KenSpongRecommends.com we are set to prove that there ARE good value and worthwhile enterprises and systems out there in scary (for many) cyberland.

We must be on the “money” as this site has been destroyed several times. Discovering how to keep the rats out is a steep learning curve, but we will pass on our discoveries as we go.

There are a lot of BS enterprises.

So, as we open Pandoras Box (from time to time) be prepared to some surprises – hah, you bought that one too…

The BIG thing amongst the internet marketers today is SINCERITY and frankly I don’t think most will know what it means let alone spell it.
Still, it’s the Gems we are looking for, the real value, the heart-racing moment of OMG-it really does do what it says it will. It’s a bit like ice-cream – gotta taste it or be advised what’s what.

End of Rant!

Now here are links to programs that you may find of real benefit and value to you:

Computer Maintenance
– how to repair your Win10 System after the hacker rats have gone.

Website recovery after total wipe-out
Yes, there is life after death!
Yes, you can lose weight and control your diabetes
Believe it or not, YES you can Lose weight AND control your Diabetes.

The Mediterranean Diet – Lose weight – Live Longer, Better
The much referred to “Mediterranean Diet” – full of Flavour and goodness.

Fat-Busters get serious, here
Lose Weight, Get serious and Get Started, Now!

The Rhythm of Golf – Go with the Better Swing!
Golf is like Music – Rhythm and Swing – check the training videos!

Discover the 3 Essential Elements of Good Health
Simple when you know how – get your Good Health Instructions here!

Life Voyager – the Original and the Best
A journey into new places of personal discovery – welcome aboard!

Drink Deep from The Cup of Knowledge
Knowledge plus Experience DOES make a difference – drink deep!

Avoid the Online Pitfalls, Scammers, and Thieves
Making money online has predators and cheats awaiting you – get the real story, avoid the traps!

Dog-Training, Weight Loss, Acai, and on..

How do I … Articles and Links to help you find what you seek!


(to be continued.. yes there are more!)