Your Questions About Uk Tourism

Mark asks…

Now future to the is dead because of the riots, will the benefit.?

At least they should benefit from the UK‘s demise.
Please don’t make me laugh. All people see on their screens is violence and cities in flames. That WILL deter tourists make no mistake. As for London, there are hundreds of thousands of tourists going there, or there has been. Would you think twice about going to a place that wasn’t safe.
So Masseur, you agree with me in reality, Greece could do very well out of it!

Pip answers:

Its not dead at all , people dont just visit England or the UK to see London
like scotland wales and the lake district are not affected at all , would you like to borrow some policemen

Lisa asks…

What different contribute to the ?

Pip answers:

Uk is clen

Mary asks…

is the uk now dead?

with whats happening i cant see people wanting to visit the uk anytime soon, at least for another 10 years unless they get lady gaga to cry for us on tv.

also, being a black person, i would like to know whether peoples perception of black people have changed due to these riots.

Pip answers:

Nope it has not changed i never felt any hate towards black people i’ve seen white people in them riots i am white we have had are own riot a few years back that was a race one against asians. I am not middle class i have seen white people in them riots one smashing up a police car it’s the media making it seem like it’s all you guys when it’s not it’s every one.

Richard asks…

How much money does tourism generate in the UK each year averagely?

Pip answers:

The number of visits made to the UK by in 2005 was the highest ever recorded – 30.0 million, with visitors spending a record £14.2 billion.

Paul asks…

Is it possible as an american to extend the 3 months allowed for tourism in the uk to 6 months?

Thank you.

Pip answers:

US citizen are allowed 180 days visa free to the UK

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